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  • Anne on 2014-Mar-01 10:45:18 Anne said

    Finally checked out the Spice House toighnt the veg. samosas, served with tamarind sauce and mint chutney, were very good nice flaky crust, not greasy at all (and both sauces were wonderful), chicken chettinadu v. flavorful if not particularly remarkable the people at the next booth, however, ordered the Hyderabadi biryani and were raving about it. They are in the process of expanding the restaurant into the space previously occupied by the grocery, so apparently business is good. (Altho' they need to do something about reducing the draft from the front door even way in the back I felt it every time the door opened on this cold night.)
  • Echati on 2014-Mar-02 08:24:15 Echati said

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    "Given the potential for Puerto Rico's financial challengesto impact United States markets, including the municipal market,Treasury continues to closely monitor developments," said thespokesperson, who did not want to be named.
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    “It shows out there on the field. He brings a lot of energy to the team because of the way he plays. He gets stuck and makes other people want to follow. He doesn’t talk much, just leads by his actions.”
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    And now no repeats for 14 years. That spans nearly the entire length of the BCS era, which ends after this season. Prior to this stretch, the SEC's longest period without a repeat champion was seven years, from 1956 to '62.
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    “One of the chief reasons I have been trying to help young people start their own enterprises over the past thirty years is to combat the scourge of youth unemployment and alienation through encouraging self-employment,” he explained. “This is particularly crucial bearing in mind that in many parts of the world 60pc of the population is under 25.”
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    Asprey, the Queen’s jeweller, featured in a dreamily nostalgic scene in the Eddie Redmayne film My Week With Marilyn, but the family which ran the Bond Street store for 200 years sold the business to Prince Jefri Bolkiah of Brunei in 1995.
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    If the owner of a Steam account starts playing a game already being played on a separate, authorised machine, the person borrowing that game will be given a few minutes to either buy the game for themselves or quit.
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    The Scottish Parliament spokesman said: “The decrease in expenses of more than £500,000 is a reflection of one-off election costs in the previous year but also that 2012-13 represented year two of a two-year pay and expenses freeze for MSPs.”
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    The hearing came as Guantanamo detainees continued a hunger strike protesting their indefinite detention. The U.S. military has been force-feeding the striking detainees to keep them alive, a practice civil-liberties advocates have protested.
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    Telecom Italia is the leading player in Italy's mobile phonemarket, followed by Vodafone Italia, Vimpelcom's Wind and Hutchison Whampoa's 3 Italia unit. In July,Telecom Italia called off tie-up talks with 3 Italia.
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    With the previous sale of controlling stakes in powerproducer MPX Energia SA to German utility E.ON SE andLLX's sale to EIG Global Energy Partners, two of six tradedcompanies in the EBX group are no longer under Batista'scontrol.
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    Organizers face special challenges in Texas and Florida,where Republican leaders rejected the opportunity to set up newinsurance marketplaces and collect billions of dollars ingovernment funds to expand Medicaid. Perry and other TexasRepublicans are now pushing to impose regulations includingfees, extra training and surety bond requirements on navigatorgroups.
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  • Landon on 2019-May-10 14:52:07 Landon said

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    </a> Scott, starting on the back side, chipped in at No. 10 for a birdie that pushed his score to 6 under. Lee Westwood also got to 6 under with a pair of early birdies. Jason Day was at 5 under after making birdies on two of his first three holes, surging into a tie with Furyk, who had an afternoon tee time.
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  • Darin on 2019-May-10 17:53:21 Darin said

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  • Eblanned on 2019-May-10 17:53:26 Eblanned said

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  • Marshall on 2019-May-10 18:41:25 Marshall said

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  • Paige on 2019-May-10 18:47:51 Paige said

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    While the temperature pushed toward 90 degrees Fahrenheit, the grid serving New York City and the rest of the state of 20 million people wasn't under any strain, Gonzales recalled, as the clock ticked past 4 p.m. on the East Coast.
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    The aide added that the Senate would likely use aparliamentary maneuver allowing it to strip out objectionableamendments to the emergency funding bill theRepublican-controlled House is expected to attach. The Senatewould then demand that the House simply pass the straightforwardfunding bill approved in the Senate earlier this week.
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    I certainly pray, that in light of the violence of late, that someone doesn't use this as an excuse in court to explain violent behavior. If that's the case, then why weren't a lot of people killing each other during the depression? Keep opening doors for excuses and no one will ever have to account for anything. God help us.
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    Supporters of new bill requiring that food manufacturers in New York label products if they contain genetically engineered ingredients plan to hold a rally and press conference in the Bronx on Tuesday ahead of a scheduled public hearing on proposed law.
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    “Chang’e-3 has officially entered its launch stage, following its research and manufacture period,” said a government statement released to state media. “The mission will see a Chinese orbiter soft-land, or land on the moon after using a technique to slow its speed, on a celestial body for the first time.”
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    Lisa Evans said that when they entered the hospital&#39;s A&E department she was "horrified" to see elderly people lying on trolleys in the corridors "because there was no room in the cubicles".
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    "Philippe Albert had chipped Schmeichel to score in Newcastle's 5-0 win the week earlier and I made a mental note of that," Le Tissier recalled. "After dribbling past a couple of defenders, my head was down, but I just chipped the ball, hoping that Schmeichel was in the same position as he had been against Newcastle.
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    Across all specialties, physicians see roughly 13 patients per day, work 52 hours per week and earn an average of $270,000. However, family and emergency doctors see nearly 75 percent more patients than anesthesiologists.
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    "Now that we have the wording and that we know the rules ofthe game, I believe that some banks will feel like they havesome room for manoeuvre," said Khalid Krim, Managing Director,Head of European Capital Solutions at Morgan Stanley.
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    Assad's troops appear on the back foot in some parts of the country, particularly the east. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says 47,000 soldiers and militia fighters loyal to Assad have been killed since 2011, 40 percent of all the war's dead.
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    "There were a couple of times today where I was pretty frustrated with things, with the way things were going," he said. "If you lose your head out there you can lose track. I think it's important to stay even keel for the most part."
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    However, she cited some limitations. "[Silber] didn't consider a key component of breast cancer treatment -- hormonal treatment -- and more than two-thirds of older women get it," she said. Mandelblatt was referring to the five-year course of hormone therapy given after the initial treatment to lower the risk of death. The database also lacked some information about doses of chemotherapy, she said.
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    Other companies have not been as successful. Energy giantBritish Gas, for example, left the Italian market lastyear after having spent 10 years in a fruitless effort to win alicence to build a regasification plant in southern Italy.
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    The second plan was scuttled hours before it was expected tohit the House floor for a vote after the influential HeritageAction for America, a conservative group, urged a "no" votebecause it did not do enough to stop Obama's healthcare law.
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    Although the enormity of the crisis has yet to sink in for many around the world, those who are paying attention are starting to call into question an American system of government that would reach this point.
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    Obama's impending decision on who should lead the U.S.central bank has sparked a highly unusual and vitriolic publicdebate over a position that in the past generated littleinterest beyond Wall Street and academia.
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