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  • Fernando on 2014-Mar-01 12:12:50 Fernando said

    Vegiterranean This place is so SO delicious. Been there four times and a diffnreet meal every time. It is beyond fantastic. Flavors, presentation, smell. It is truly worth the drive ..to Akron. Owned and started by Chrissie Hynde (The Pretenders).I hesitate to mention that the food is so good that you will never, ever, suspect it is not only vegetarian, it is 100% vegan. It is well worth the trip. The exec chef is a consummate foodsmith.
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  • Midin on 2014-Mar-06 06:20:48 Midin said

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  • Cathy on 2017-Jul-21 00:15:01 Cathy said

    Certainly cause for alarm. The puzzling part of this, though, is why are the industrial farmers committing suicide? You would think they would want to protect the very element that enables plants to grow. After all, without soil, there will be no crsdr–inpuotsial or otherwise–unless we somehow produce food in a lab.

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